Advancing Leaders. Advancing Companies.



Growing an entrepreneurial small business
A successful entrepreneur was struggling with how to lead the company through a period of explosive growth. I provided counsel on key organizational and personnel issues and carried out periodic assessments to identify organizational opportunities and potential managers. I then worked one-on-one with key managers to improve their performance.

RESULTS: A high performance management team, better people in key positions, improved communications and decision-making and increased productivity.


Improving manufacturing quality & productivity
The CEO of a manufacturing company needed assistance with the apparent paradoxical effects of a lean process. Using the results of an extensive assessment I assisted him in carrying out a re-alignment of managerial responsibilities. This Improved communication and cooperation within the management team and the resulting changes markedly improved throughput. We developed a long-term consultative relationship and I provide a context for him to reflect on strategic as well as tactical issues and provide additional services as needs arise.

RESULTS: Leaders in several key positions, improved front line management practices, significant growth in a competitive market.


CEO succession and transition
A senior vice president of a professional services company was considering becoming the CEO. We spent nearly a year exploring all the facets of the job including the role of the CEO, the impact on his life, how he should manage the succession and transition and aspects such as developing his internal support team. After he attained the position we worked together to understand and manage difficult decisions, develop his senior management team, clarify communications, provide the opportunity for reflection and maintain his life-balance.

RESULTS: A deeply committed CEO who will spend the next 15+ years shaping the success of this company.


Coaching professional career change
A middle level professional dissatisfied with her current role wanted to explore a significant career change. We worked together to assess her interests, competencies and networks. When she began her search we often met to review all aspects of each opportunity. After she was offered a position we outlined an initial performance strategy to get her off to a good start. We meet occasionally to discuss ongoing managerial and organizational issues and challenges.

RESULTS: A young professional with a markedly improved understanding of the principles and practice of management who will be an important contributor to her employer.


Long-term leadership development
Leading a small group (≤ 5) of executives from non-competing companies reading and discussing the leadership literature and considering its application to their current roles.

RESULTS: A group of senior managers now have a trusted support group where they can bring ideas and problems and reflect with peers.


Improving organizational performance
The CEO of a highly regarded regional product and services company was troubled by an under-performance of a unit in his division. The assessment found that several rapid waves of technology upgrades had overwhelmed the ability of the management group to balance the technology change with the demands for day-to-day production and profitability.

RESULTS: Developed the knowledge, skills and confidence of the management to successfully enact rapid technology change. Identified many talented managerial and technical people who were being under-utilized in their existing jobs.